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Passionate about pixels and no-code

I'm seeking challenges to create easy-to-navigate websites, create them from scratch or redesign and build them in Webflow. I'm also very passionate about creating web applications and complex dashboards which I've been doing for the past 7 years something about buttons and tables just gets me.

When working on all of this I'm always keeping in mind the front-end work and the result to either give your team of front-end developers files which are as easy as it can get to translate to code. And when I'm working with Webflow, I make sure that the CMS set up and the platform are easy to use so that even people who never seen Webflow can do so without any hustles.

Value #1

Building complex web applications & dashboards

Value #2

Leading and working hand in hand with front-end teams

Value #3

Clean and easy-to-navigate websites

Value #4

Delivering the best possible Webflow CMS-based projects

when I'm not at my desk

I live in the heart of Europe - Prague, but you can occasionally find me in London or San Francisco. I'm grateful that my job allows me to work from anywhere. I do enjoy spending time in coffeeshops around the world and exploring new places and countries. I'm currently counting 46 countries on my checklist. My favorite continent so far is Asia! I've also recently started cycling so feel free to connect with me on Strava. I enjoy myself in casual sports, such as bowling (my record so far is 197) or playing NHL with friends.

Articles & Talks

My Articles
The Easiest Guide to Webflow for Beginners

Complete beginner's crash-course and walkthrough of all the important parts of Webflow that I learned and incorporated into my daily work.

26 Steps of Product & Dashboard Design

For the last four years I have continued to design dashboards and applications and I have learnt how to deal with different departments, and utilize their knowledge in order to make product designs…

14 Different Ways of Product Design

I’ve review my current design process in October 2016 and decided to write new piece about my design thinking.

Recent Inverviews
How to succeed as a designer selling Design Systems and UI Kits

Dribbble Meetup, Vacuumlabs — Kosice, Slovakia


How to survive like a designer

Design Meetup, DesignMinds — Bratislava, Slovakia


Product Design - Overview

Splash Conference — Prague, Czech Rep.


Work Hard Work Hard

Surfoffice Meetup — Prague, Czech Rep.


Currently working on

My 2020 Mission

After being a designer and product creator for over a decade I decided to give back to the community. In 2020 I started learning new skills such as creating Youtube videos and Webflow short courses. This has so far been a big challenge for me but it's awesome seeing people reach out and know that I can help others to become better designers, no-coders by following my resources.
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I'm using Youtube to shoot various design overviews, series about freelance, creating digital products and selling them and in general anything, I find interesting about my work or apps I use that I would like to share with people.

My Youtube Channel
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I've been active on Instagram for years but since 2020 I want to focus more and more sharing more deep posts and overviews of my designs and challenges I'm facing by sharing various carousels or just easy to digest life updates.

Design/Code Tips on Instagram
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I'm currently available for Webflow projects and fun side projects. If you'd like to talk about a project or need an advice just drop me a message.

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