Nested Symbols & Auto-Updating Styleguides

Let me present the smartest template and your future starting point for every User Interfaces in Sketch. Stop wasting your time by crafting the same design systems and elements from scratch over and over and over again - and let the magic of this template’s nested symbols begin!

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What’s inside?

The main part of this package is all about nested symbols. All coming with Buttons, Inputs, Dropdowns, Notifications, Paginations, Calendar and basically everything you need to start designing beautiful User Interfaces. All as a Sketch Template & Sketch Library.

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How it Works?

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What’s inside?

Tons of symbols ready for every possible change, buttons with various icons, inputs with labels, info message or even character count. All with nice setup overview divided by emojis!

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Resize it! However your want

All comes with resizable properties. Use your button in any width, resize inputs to fit a text of any shape and form.

In the example you can see 2 symbols in action: TextArea and Tooltip. All nicely floating with the text inside. Tooltip’s “arrow” is also separate shape to never lose pixel-perfectness.

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Ready for your favourite Typeface

I prepared the file with 3 different typefaces: Proxima Nova (Typekit), Roboto and Source Sans (2x Free Google Fonts). But you can - in less than 15 seconds - change all symbols and styleguides. Let this file be in any font you would love to use in your next or current designs! And of course all text layers come with custom text styles.

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Add your brand colours and stay always up to date with auto updated styleguides

Simple administration as a backend”ish” part of this file allows you to setup everything from colours, radius of your elements (buttons, select etc.), typeface, logo symbols or even active items in dropdown dialogs. I tried to explain this as much as I could in a short Youtube tutorial for you.

Check YouTube Administration Tutorial
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Even that it’s ready to be branded, you can be used as it is!

Sure, this file is mainly to quickly pick styles and make your life easier while kicking off new designs. All elements are crafted nicely for you. Subtle gradients and my usual blue”ish” approach can be easily used in any user interface out there.

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All Elements handpicked from the best selling kit for Interfaces - Dashboard UI Kit

All elements in this massive file are patiently handpicked from my most successful product with over 3000 licences sold called: Dashboard UI Kit - this gives the elements quite some credibility, right?! Dashboard UI Kit is now awarded as a “Best Seller” by Gumroad and it’s #1 Popular on

Check Dashboard UI Kit Landing Page
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And that’s not everything. There is more! All of this comes with

4 Auto-Updating Beautiful Styleguides

Ready, Start Designing!

Stop doing all the initial design part all over again and save yourself all the time by jumping straight into designing or wireframing with all elements already under your hand!

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